Donnet Bruce

Boutique Hotels Attract Travelers via Social Media


I am a bit obsessed with the intimate feel of boutique hotels. Ok, well not obsessed, but I mainly appreciate the personal interaction between boutique hotel staff and it’s guests.  Not to mention the diverse designs that often is apparent. During this time, boutique hotels are attempting to remain unique, personal, and luxurious for all types of travelers. Amanda MacArthur, recently discussed how unique hotels can attract new and uneducated travelers. Here are 4 ways boutique hotels can keep their guests re-visiting:

Option 1: Social Media Meet-Ups

Tweetups and other social media events is a great way to start. The Roger Smith Hotel in New York can attribute social media as their claim to fame. A few years ago, they started hosting “Tweetups” and other social get-togethers. Through their Twitter account, they were able to reach out and build relationships with all of social-savvy folks who attended their events. Soon after, this hotel became a popular venue for hosting social media

Armed with an enthusiastic Twitter account, they were able to reach out and build relationships with all of the social-savvy folks who attended their events. Very quickly, The Roger Smith Hotel became the go-to venue for hosting a social media event – thus selling out rooms left and right.

Option 2: Loyal Rewards Programs

Booking reservations for boutique hotels though offers a very clear and simple rewards program For example, guests can stay in a hotel for 10 nights, get one night free. Loyalty rewards programs gives guests a reason to visit or re-visit the boutique hotels. The Standard Hotel offers a great deal of benefits for guests that join their membership club. Most benefits include 10% off food & beverage, 10% discount spa services, parking vouchers and much more.

Option 3: Promote Your Discounts via Social Media

Make sure to promote all discounts from major social media sites such as: Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google and Foursquare.  Budget travelers are often looking for good deals with their favorite hotels. Offering promotional discounts makes hotel guests feel like they are taking advantage of deals and saving.

Option 4: Find out what people are seeking.

Google provides a great keyword research tool, which allows you to put in the name of of a business and check if anyone is looking for something specifically related to the company. For example, if boutique Hotel Zaza in Dallas, TX used this tool, they’d see that 36 people per month search for “hotel zaza dallas promo code” and 73 people looking for “hotel zaza discount”. That will lead to approximately 109 new leads.