Donnet Bruce

The Jameson Brand Attempts A New Avenue and Launches the "First Shot" Filmmaker Contest


Jameson is accomplishing more than its traditional and common Irish whiskey. The company is expanding interest to raw, talented, and influential filmmakers. 

Kevin Spacy and Trigger Street Productions have partnered up with Jameson to find amazing writer/directors to enter the 2013 "First Shot" competition. Up and coming filmmakers will have the opportunity to get that "first shot in the film industry by having their own short film produced by Trigger Street Productions and giving them a chance to direct Willem Dafoe in the leading role. Judges Spacey, Dafoe and Brunetti will be looking for ‘freshness, originality, good structure, good shots, good sound and above all, a great story’.

In order to enter you must be from South Africa, Russia or the US (but not California), be at least 25 years-old and write a script of no more than 7 pages based on one of three themes (‘Legendary’ OR ‘Humorous’ OR a ‘Very Tall Tale’).

Aspiring writers & directors can check out additional information here: