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Its all about Blogalicious #BeGreat6 this year!

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Its exciting to work with Blogalicious #BeGreat6 this year. This year I'll be in San Antonio with the rest of the Blogalicious family. 

Check out the site and register using code "MillennialB6"

More details about the speakers and topics are coming up soon!

Email me if you have any questions.


This Happened...Blogalicious FIVE

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Blogalicious 5 took place in Atlanta this year! Since attending/volunteering the first Blogalicious Conference, I've always loved how they empower women through discussions/events. This platform celebrates women in digital media and the blogosphere 24/7.  This Blogalicious was extra special because I got a chance to address the attendees during the Welcome Reception.  I also had an amazing time meeting new bloggers and connecting with peers I haven't seen in a while!

ANDDDDDD I met one of my favorite media icons, Tanika Ray!! I was super to connect with her, because she was on my vision board under women I wanted to meet this year! Don't you love when goals manifest itself in real life?!



Here are some my favorite moments at Blogalicious 5!

Here are some other ATL moments!!

NEW Online Reputation Management Gets EASIER

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There is so much online activity going on via social networking sites. A vital element of social media marketing is accurately measuring companies reputation via online communities and engagement. According to Daniel Craig, online reputation management brings clarity and purpose to social networking. More than anything, reputation is the ROI of social networking. Recently, TNS Global, the world’s largest custom research company, revealed their introduction of its TRI*M Digital Reputation Manager. This program was designed to help companies to understand the exact drivers of reputation in a digital environment and tailor their communications approach to protect and strengthen their corporate brand. According to Global Manager, Peter Priner,  “consumer engagement with social media has led to a massive change in the way companies need to manage their corporate reputation to maximize the opportunity to drive advocacy and supportive stakeholder behavior. TRI*M Digital Reputation Manager was developed with the main goal in mind- to help companies cut through the noise of online conversations to understand the exact topics and engagement strategies that really will support business objectives.”

 First, the TRI*M Digital Reputation Management system assess the driving factors of digital reputation for a business. Secondly, the TRI*M system suggest precise recommendations of actions that will help to support long-term growth. Applying the suite gives companies the insights they need to proactively manage their corporate reputation online and offline, by:

Identifying - Advanced social media screening to understand what is being discussed about a company online, the frequency of individual themes and issues, where the discussion takes place and the sentiment of these conversations.

Evaluating – Applying the world leading, TRI*M Corporate Reputation to online conversations identifies the topics - both positive and negative - that will impact on a company’s corporate reputation among key audiences, identifying the need for action and the priority topics that will protect and strengthen corporate reputation.

Managing – Digital Lifestyle segmentation based on TNS’s Digital Life, the world`s most comprehensive study into digital attitudes and behaviors, gives a deep understanding of the digital attitudes of the company’s target groups and how they behave online, leading to precise recommendations about the digital channels and engagement strategies for corporate communication.

Check out a snapshot of the findings and the software at